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what is nestor?

Nestor is a fully integrated hardware and software platform, providing seamless and user friendly access to patient vital signs from anywhere and at anytime.

finger-based Non-invasive sensor

Affordable, Compact & Convenient

Our patient monitoring sensor is ultra portable, battery-powered and has seamless wireless connectivity to a host device with internet, which can be a phone or a tablet.

mobile App for host devices

Elegant, Simple & User-friendly

The vital signs data is securely relayed to the cloud via an internet-connected mobile device which can be configured to act as a host for a single or multiple patient monitoring sensors.

WEB-based monitoring and analytics dashboard

Real-time Intelligence a Simple Click Away

A highly secure web-based platform provides access to both real-time and historical patient data, combined with our notification system this can be highly effective for both the patients and their health-care providers.

Real-time vital signs monitoring is especially relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic, where rapidly increasing numbers of patients and long hospitalization duration are imposing an extreme workload on the healthcare system. While some sufferers do require hospitalization, most do not. To support those at home, accurate data is vital. Such data offers individual and collective benefits.

National Research Council

Government of Canada

By enabling clinicians to remotely observe the vitals of patients with COVID-19, as well as those who are vulnerable to the virus, and provide necessary interventions early, we can reduce exposure and also help to alleviate the pressure in hospital emergency rooms and clinics.

Darren Entwistle

Telus Health Initiative

We have identified five traditional vital signs that have a major importance to be measured: heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, blood oxygen saturation and body temperature. These five signals are generally considered essential to evaluate human health and a continuous monitoring should be made, mainly in patients.

Duarte Dias & Joao Paulo Silva Cunha

Sensors - Open Access Journal

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